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Furnishing Restaurants

Franzè Mobili deals with a careful and personalized design, above all free to prevent details, concerning the dimensions and finishes that can make the restaurant efficient and above all beautiful.

The production of the restaurant furniture is completely custom-made, customizable with about 5000 different finishes and about 20 different materials including wood, aluminum, stainless steel, plexiglass, corian, laminated cleaf, solid surface and many others.
The custom-made realization allows to optimize the spaces making the arrangement of the same furniture unique and personalized.
The installation of the furniture is carried out by internal Franzè furniture staff, all professionals, who are in charge of assembling the furnishings of the bar counter, the restaurant entrance and the restaurant hall.

Franzè furniture also deals with restyling for restaurants as in some cases, it is not necessary to completely redo the restaurant, we can renovate some environments such as the counter or the restaurant, without having to completely change the furniture.

We produce furniture for: Wok restaurant furniture, Chinese restaurant furniture, Modern restaurant furniture, Classic restaurant furniture, Pizza furnishing, Takeaway pizzeria furniture, Piadina furniture.


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Franzè Furniture more than 45 years old produces furniture designed for the purpose of collaborating with specialists in the interior.

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