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Franzè Mobili has been designing, producing and delivering bathroom furniture of all types for over 45 years, with the possibility of integrating very high-level tops transformed by us like corian, hanex and krion, which offer the possibility of integrating the sink into the top in single-fusion.

The designers Franzè mobile take care of a careful design aimed at the customer's expectations, above all free in order to prevent and solve all the potential problems concerning the bathroom furnishings.
The design is carried out through specific programs able to offer a realistic photo graphic quality of the environment, we can even import and then show the customer the finish chosen among the 5000 available to the customer, guaranteeing the final aesthetic effect that can not be deviated from the final realization.

In the design we also integrate the design of electrical systems for the preparation of the mirror and water for the arrangement of sink and mixer.
The production of all the bathrooms is carried out at our furniture factory in Lumezzane where the bathroom furniture is made according to the project and customized with the shapes and finishes indicated by the customer, thus making the bathroom unique and not replicable. The customization of the bathroom also exists on the mirrors that can be custom made with a LED back or with a frame matching the bathroom finishes. The production, working to measure to make the room commissioned particular and that reflects the customer's request, despite involving important professionalism and machinery, Franzè furniture production is among the most flexible in Italy.
The installation of the furniture is carried out by internal Franzè furniture staff, all professionals, who are responsible for mounting the kitchen furniture in a single working day.

We produce furniture for: Modern bathroom furniture, Classic bathroom furniture, Minimalist bathroom furniture, Masonry bathroom furniture, Special bathroom furniture, Custom bathroom furniture, Design bathroom furniture.


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Franzè Furniture more than 45 years old produces furniture designed for the purpose of collaborating with specialists in the interior.

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