Custom Furniture

Franze furniture is a company highly specialized in making customized products, as it has been using advanced design technology with proven efficiency for many years, together with a graphic representation of traditional architecture that allows our kind customers a clear and informed choice.

For 45 years we have been working with the aim of being able to concentrate aesthetic preferences in the final product together with his personal needs regarding the liveability of the product to create a finished product that reflects the customer's uses and customs and not a standard product but simply a product uniquely targeted to facilitate its daily use by customizing the customer's style.

The customization of the product is the primary aspect strongly linked to the design, it allows to manage with priority the finishes of the doors, the colors, the shape but above all the opening systems tailor-made to optimize the space and innumerable solutions created specifically to have as a goal the functional aspect that the customer wants.


Custom mobile dreams?

Franzè Furniture more than 45 years old produces furniture designed for the purpose of collaborating with specialists in the interior.

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